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Neck Pain Specialists in Fairfield Township

At Principled Healthcare have a variety of ways to relieve chronic pain including neck pain without the use of potentially dangerous drugs. We take a naturopathic approach to treatment, and our physical medicine can help patients get relief the natural way. Our doctors take the time to get to know their patients, and everyone we treat receives a customized plan to encourage the best results possible. This personalized approach allows us to address the root causes of our patients’ symptoms.

Types of Neck Pain

We treat a wide variety of symptoms, and neck pain is one of our specialties. Neck pain reduces mobility and can make even the easiest daily tasks difficult to complete. To address a patient’s symptoms, we start by uncovering the cause. There are three main causes of neck pain:

Stress – Physical stress can put pressure on a body, and mental stress can also cause tight muscles. Patients who carry stress high in their back may develop neck pain over time.

Acute Injury – Sports injuries, falls, and car accidents jolt a body suddenly. A sudden change of direction can give patients whiplash, which causes lasting neck pain for some people.

Posture – This is a common cause of neck pain for people who work in front of a computer or spend a lot of time looking at their phone. Patients may also experience neck pain because of how they sleep or the pillow they use.

Physical Therapy

Our experienced physical therapy team helps patients build strength and flexibility to reduce pain and increase range of motion. We start slow, then build up the exercise regimen over time. This gradual method provides long-term solutions without increasing pain in the short term.

Chiropractor for Neck Pain

A chiropractor can make physical adjustments to relieve pressure in the neck. Adjusting the spine helps correct misalignment from injury or bad posture. When the spine is aligned correctly, the nerves and discs in the neck experienced reduced pressure, leading to pain relief.


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