Joint Pain & Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder Pain Specialists in Fairfield Township

Shoulder pain is more common than most people realize and can be caused by a variety of different underlying issues. There are various natural approaches to relieving shoulder pain and the best type of treatment will depend on the specific cause. To make sure a patient receives the right care, our doctors start by taking the time to understand the issue fully.

Shoulder Pain Causes

Shoulder pain can be caused by an injury, a chronic disease, or posture. Our doctors will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine exactly what is causing the pain. This initial analysis will consider all of the following:


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    Physical Therapy

    Our staff is committed to naturopathic medicine, which includes physical therapy. We start with simple, low impact exercises to prevent making the injury worse. We build up over time to help patients gain strength and mobility in their shoulders the natural way. Physical therapy yields long-lasting results for patients who are committed to the process.

    Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain

    A chiropractor can assist a patient with their natural approach to shoulder pain relief. Adjusting the spine helps keep the body in better alignment, which improves a patient’s range of motion. When the body has better posture and works in unison, there is less burden on all joints including the shoulders.