Stem Cells… Are They New to Medicine?

Stem Cells… Are They New to Medicine?

By now, most people have heard about Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. But many people ask us, “Is this something new to medicine?” The answer is surprisingly, No!

Here are some facts:

In 1950 Stem Cells were 1st used in the USA. A procedure was done transferring Stem Cells between Maternal twins.

In 1968 the first FDA Approved Stem Cell Transplant was performed in Minnesota. At this time, it was done between two relatives.

In 1973 we saw the first non-familial Stem Cell Transfer successfully done.

This is just a general background to show you that this is not something new to medicine. Medicine is advancing rapidly in this field and there is really only one reason for that… it works!

The success rate is extremely high and the risk is minimal. All medical procedures are judged on this risk-benefit ratio. Regenerative Medicine excels in this equation. Most of my patients are shocked to learn that many medical procedures and surgeries have a 50-60% success rate whereas, we see around a 80-90% success rate with Regenerative Medicine type of treatments.

This is just a brief history as we get asked by many patients,”Is this something new?”

We Hope this helps!

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