Super Supplemental Injections

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LipoVite + B-Complex + Vitamin C Injections

What is a “Super-Supplemental Injection?”

Our “Super-Supplement” is a combination of LipoVite, Super B-complex and Vitamin C. This is the latest holistic pharmaceutical used to help people lose weight and raise the body’s metabolism.

What is LipoVite?

LipoVite is an injectable solution that contains three main enzymes that prevent fat from accumulating around the liver. These enzymes, called lipotropics, are used in conjunction with Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin C.
The three enzymes are:

  • Choline:
    The purpose of this enzyme is to help the liver process waste and excrete it from the body. Choline aids in the production of lecithin, which reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and decreases the likelihood of gallstones.

  • Inositol:
    Its purpose is essential as it helps metabolize fats faster. Inositol also aids in the production of serotonin, which controls your appetite and mood.

  • Methionine:
    This enzyme has been found to decrease the feeling of tiredness. It further prevents fat from accumulating around the liver and allowing it to perform its normal functions.


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Why take a Vitamin B Complex?

Vitamin B-Complex plays an important role when used with LipoVite. B- Complex vitamins increase your energy and aid the cells in the release of energy for use in the body. Specifically, Vitamin B6 plays an instrumental part in increasing the excess water eliminated thru the bladder aiding weight loss.

Why take Vitamin C?

Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. When used in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals it also assists the body in turning your food into energy and maintaining healthy cells. This has shown to be very beneficial to those who are in the process of losing weight.

How Frequently Should I Get the Injections?

“Super-Supplemental injections” are recommended twice a week for those patients interested in weight-loss and fat metabolism. Those patients interested in the maintenance effects of the Super B Complex injections should receive injections 1 time weekly.

What is the Cost of the Super Supplemental Injections? and How Do I Schedule?

“Super Supplemental injections” are not covered by insurance. Patients will pay $15 for each injection which covers the cost of the medicine and the nurse visit for the injections. No scheduling is required after your initial evaluation. Patients can walk-in for injections at their leisure. Simply, notify the front desk of the reason for your visit.