I have had a couple incidents and this office has taken me under their wings and nursed me back to health in a short time. In my opinion there is no other office that could give me such care.

Since I have gotten the trigger point injections my back pain is no longer an issue. I am able to go all day without taking something for the pain. My life is much better with this treatment, and I make a point to tell every person I know.


When I started the trigger point therapy, I was pretty skeptical but I have had nothing but great results. There is hardly any tension in my neck and back. I am also able to walk easier because the trigger point injections helped release all the tension. There is less pressure on my neck and back when I stand-up straight. My pain level has gone from very high to very low.

All members of the staff are very considerate and helpful. I especially appreciate the addition of the Massage Therapy. The Massage Therapist worked on my feet, arms and back and that has also helped a lot.

I really enjoy the staff—very friendly and personable. I really like the fact that everyone remembered my name after my first visit. I look forward to great treatment for years to come.

After a day at work sleeping at night was impossible due to the pain. But through massage and adjustments my arm is much, much better. Thank you Dr. Ault and the massage staff – you are all very caring.

These guys are the greatest, most caring people I’ve ever met. What would I do without Dr. Ault in my corner and helping me?! I couldn’t have survived the pain. The massage staff are the greatest. They take as long as it takes to deal with the pain. Thanks Dr. Popa for having a great group of people.

What the doctors had once medicated me for could actually be controlled by what I choose to put in my mouth! I am so HAPPY to know that now. THANK YOU PRINCIPLED HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS for stepping up with something new – it has given me the opportunity to live bloat free.

I am a satisfied patient who received the O-Shot. I’ve had 3 kids and with a little getting older I developed a leaky bladder and dryness. I felt like I should buy stock in panty liners!!! I hated having to have them at all times. I probably ran to the bathroom 7 times a day and made it safely 50% of the time. That’s a lot of panty liners each day.

Sex became uncomfortable due to the dryness and we tried may things to help this but nothing worked.

After the O-Shot, I am feeling much healthier and younger.



I’m 100% better. I am someone who has had 2 treatments because I was much improved after the first but, felt like I needed another one to get to 100%. It worked. I feel like all women should have this done because if you research it, it makes sense. We women deserve this.



I was diagnosed by Lichen Sclerosus by my Gynecologist and given a heavy steroidal cream to help with the pain and discomfort.

The doctors and staff educated me on the O-Shot and using PRP . I did some research and decided to give this a try as the gross cream my Gyno gave me wasn’t working anyway.

I received the O-Shot, WHICH WAS PAINLESS,  and within 1 week, my Lichen Sclerosus was about 80% gone and felt like it was steadily improving- a HUGE RELIEF.

Here I am 2 months after treatment and I am getting a second O-Shot for my Lichen Sclerosus to help this heal to 100%. I believe I was  better, but I want this to repair and rejuvenate that area so I never have this problem again.

I also noticed that I had begun “peeing my pants” if I laughed, sneezed or did anything that was strenuous.  This is now gone too and an added benefit to doing the procedure. 


I’ve given birth to 5 kids and needless to say I had a weak bladder. I couldn’t laugh or sneeze without peeing myself. I would wake up 2-3 times through the night to use the bathroom.

I thought I’d have to live with it.

Then, I got the O-Shot procedure. It was a very smooth process in the office.

I had immediate results that night!!!  I didn’t wake up to use the bathroom. I got a FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP.

I was so impressed with the immediate results and I highly recommend this to anyone.


I am a 45 year old woman and have dealt with some pain with sex and leaking urine for years. I had my first child at 19. At 5’1 99 pounds, his birth caused a lot of sexual difficulties for me. My labor was very fast and I could not receive an epidural. I was in labor for 2 hours, pushed for 30 minutes and lost stamina. I could not push him out. I ended up with a complete perineum tear, in addition to the doctor having to cut me more and use forceps to get the baby’s head out. I had 2 more vaginal births thereafter. At 40 I got off birth control and had a Tubal Ligation. Sex for me was never pleasant. I had a lot of pain and irritation during and after sex. This did affect my relationship being so young. I was prescribed estrogen cream, used aloe and different lubricants without much relief. I also had trouble holding my urine. I wore pantry liners ever since I had kids because I often leaked urine when I coughed, sneezed or laughed too hard. When I felt the urge to urinate I had to get to the toilet pretty quickly. When I heard of the o shot, I did some research and read some of the other women’s experiences. Their stories were similar to mine. I chose to get the procedure done. The procedure was quick and painless. It was not any worse than going to my gynecologist, actually it was better. The staff were very friendly, explained the procedure step by step and what I may experience. They made me feel very comfortable. Within minutes, the procedure was done. I went grocery shopping right after. I have to say I was surprised at how quick my results were. Within days, I noticed changes in my bladder problems. I had better control of my urges. After weeks, I can say that I no longer leak urine when I cough or sneeze. I can sleep all night without having to get up to go to the bathroom. I can hold my urine longer without peeing myself. I am in a newer relationship and happy to report a healthy sexual and very active relationship :). I feel like I am making up for years lost .. I DO NOT have pain with sex, and have not had any irritation along my incision line near my rectum. I have not had to utilize any lubricants. The lack of pain and the lubrication is what I noticed right away. It’s been about 6 months now and I am definitely happy with my decision to get the treatment and would do it again if I needed to. One treatment did the trick for me . I wish I would have known about this earlier!

Happy and recommend for sure!


I am a 39 year old woman who has had a very tough time with my sex life due to vaginal dryness issues. This has put a strain on my marriage at times due to not being able to enjoy those times with my husband that we once enjoyed. I decided to get the O-Shot after finding the provider online.

The staff was amazing in how they listened to me, understood where I was coming from and walked both me and my husband thru the process.

I must say that my results were fast and AMAZING. I have no problems with dryness which has been all I wanted. But,I must tell you that the sensitivity and I am proud to say that I have had my first orgasms of my life. I know, it’s embarrassing to say but, I never had one. Sex was always just ok and got worse with dryness. Now, I feel like a teenager again. Yes, my husband is a very happy man. You guys could charge a million dollars for this and he would have paid it. Lol.

Thank you so much.


Lichen Sclerosus

I have worked as a professional landscaper for over 20 years and have developed severe pain in my knees, lower back and shoulders. I really thought I would have to find a different profession but, instead found the amazing, caring and talented medical professionals at Principled Healthcare. The pain relief and overall wellness I have experienced from their team is truly unbelievable.

In 2019, I developed a condition called Lichen Sclerosus. If you are familiar with the condition, you know there is “no cure”. It causes great discomfort and its symptoms are treated with anti-inflammatory medicines that have side effects. The Doctors and Nurse Practitioners (Julie Payne, Chrissy Hawkins) told me about the O-Shot and suing PRP to alleviate the symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus. They are right!! I went thru with the procedure and felt immediate relief. My symptoms are GONE and 6 months later I still feel great. My knees and shoulders are better too as a result of the PRP injections into those areas.

I am so grateful for the brilliant and kind professionals at Principled Healthcare. Their positive approach to finding health solutions gives me hope that anything is possible.