I have had a couple incidents and this office has taken me under their wings and nursed me back to health in a short time. In my opinion there is no other office that could give me such care.

Since I have gotten the trigger point injections my back pain is no longer an issue. I am able to go all day without taking something for the pain. My life is much better with this treatment, and I make a point to tell every person I know.


When I started the trigger point therapy, I was pretty skeptical but I have had nothing but great results. There is hardly any tension in my neck and back. I am also able to walk easier because the trigger point injections helped release all the tension. There is less pressure on my neck and back when I stand-up straight. My pain level has gone from very high to very low.

All members of the staff are very considerate and helpful. I especially appreciate the addition of the Massage Therapy. The Massage Therapist worked on my feet, arms and back and that has also helped a lot.

I really enjoy the staff—very friendly and personable. I really like the fact that everyone remembered my name after my first visit. I look forward to great treatment for years to come.

After a day at work sleeping at night was impossible due to the pain. But through massage and adjustments my arm is much, much better. Thank you Dr. Ault and the massage staff – you are all very caring.

These guys are the greatest, most caring people I’ve ever met. What would I do without Dr. Ault in my corner and helping me?! I couldn’t have survived the pain. The massage staff are the greatest. They take as long as it takes to deal with the pain. Thanks Dr. Popa for having a great group of people.

What the doctors had once medicated me for could actually be controlled by what I choose to put in my mouth! I am so HAPPY to know that now. THANK YOU PRINCIPLED HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS for stepping up with something new – it has given me the opportunity to live bloat free.