Regenerative Cell Medicine…A Booming Industry

Regenerative Cell Medicine…A Booming Industry

I found this research article that shows the amount of money spent by consumers worldwide for  Regenerative Cell Medicine, including Stem Cells. It’s interesting to see this chart and understand the reason why this is now a billion dollar market is very simple……IT WORKS.

Physicians are seeing clinical evidence of the safety and effectiveness of these products and procedures and the most important thing is that patient satisfaction is very high. This may be one of the reasons why the Regenerative Medicine field is under scrutiny-IT WORKS and is therefore, taking money out of someone else’s pockets.

Growing Industry

Global Stem Cell Market

2016 = $6.87 Billion

2018 = $10.6 Billion

2021 = $15.63 Billion

Ref: The Statistics Protocol

(Grand View Research)

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