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What Patients Are Saying:

  • "I'm as good as new again!
    ...My back and neck started feeling
    better within the first two weeks of
    treatment.... Because of Dr. Ault and
    his staff, I'm as good as new again!"
    Recent patient testimonial
  • "Since I have gotten the trigger point injections my back pain is no longer an issue. I am able to go all day without taking something for the pain. My life is much better with this treatment, and I make a point to tell every person I know."
    Recent patient testimonial
  • "I am a Registered Nurse and I don't fall for everything. Talk about amazing!!! Lisa, the Nurse Practitioner, truly knows what she's doing. The trigger point injection makes the muscles relax and re-sets them! I'm in my third week and most of my pain is gone!!! I'm a little sore; that's all.
    Recent patient testimonial
  • "When I started the trigger point therapy, I was pretty skeptical but I have had nothing but great results. There is hardly any tension in my neck and back. I am also able to walk easier because the trigger point injections helped release all the tension. There is less pressure on my neck and back when I stand-up straight. My pain level has gone from very high to very low."
    Recent patient testimonial
  • "A couple of months ago, I hurt my back to the point that I could not stand without pain. Dr. Davis administered trigger point injection therapy and it helped tremendously. I have been without back pain since the treatment was done."
    Recent patient testimonial
  • "Within the first 48 hours after beginning the ALCAT diet based on my blood test I did not feel bloated - I had actually forgotten what not feeling bloated felt like. It was truly amazing. Within the first week I lost a few pounds, I had much less aches and pains, and no digestive issues.
    Recent patient testimonial
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